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Please take a few minutes to read the following pages and be sure you
understand both the policies and their underlying intent. By signing on the
Registration form and/or make a payment, customers certify that he/she has read this document, fully understand its content, and signs it at their own free will.

1. Parental Responsibility
By enrolling a student in AEI, We expect parents to reinforce and support AEI ’s rules pertaining to academic expectations and behavior.

• Fill out all requested information and sign our Registration Form. Phone number and email address are required for contact and payment notification.
• Students, who tamper with property, break windows, or do damage to property at AEI or the neighboring unit/building, will be required to pay for the damage done or replace the
damaged item.

2. Sign In - Sign Out
Students/parents/guardians are responsible for the student/s checking/sign in and checking/sign out.
Students are not allowed to leave AEI unless accompanied by a parent or appointed Guardian. Parents must pick up their children after the lesson ends. If you fail to do so, you may be charged for the time AEI teacher/ staff commits to look after your child.

3. Student Responsibility
• Treat people with kindness and respect.
• Remember that punctuality is a sign of respect.
• Care for your own health and well-being.
• Responsible for proper care of all books, supplies, equipment and furniture at AEI.
• We don't allow any recording devices in our classrooms, either voice, video or both. No students and/or customers are allowed to record teacher's sessions at any time.
All our tests/materials are confidential and students/parents are NOT allowed to download and should NOT share or show to others. 
• No personal contact information of AEI instructors will be supplied to students and/or parents.

4. Attendance Policies
Students in good health are expected to attend class whenever possible. If a student is going to be absent from class, parents are asked to email the AEI office and inform Manager as to the reason for the absence.
All requests for absences should be sent to AEI managers, as individual teachers do not excuse students from school.

5. Substitute Teachers. Emergency absences and Closings
AEI has the right to substitute teachers when deemed necessary on emergency or any other
Teacher absence, planned or unplanned on any subject given by AEI.
AEI closings due to weather or other emergencies will be communicated to each family through email, missed sessions will be made up.

6. Payment
Parents must arrange all classes’ payments only through the AEI office. All tuition must be paid in full when registering. By signature on the registration form and/or paying full tuition, the customers have certified that he or she has read and agrees with AEI policy. All payments are non-refundable. No credit will be issued if students missed any lessons.

A returned check penalty fee of $35 will be charged to your account for any check dishonored by the bank.

8. Formal Request or Complaint
Any student/parent concerns and questions can be directed to AEI Manager. Formal requests or complaints must be mailed or emailed to the following address.

Advanced Education Institute, 712 Ginesi Drive, Morganville NJ 07751
Oral or phone messages, as formal requests will not be accepted.

9. Other
AEI have the right to advertise our students' excellent scores in the newspaper or website with the exclusion of the last full name to protect our student’s identity.

Please understand that no set of rules or guidelines can cover every conceivable situation that might arise. AEI depends on all parents and students to contribute their best to the common good. The energy and diverse talents you bring enriches us, and we encourage you to take full advantage of all that AEI can offer you in return.

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