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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are very pleased to report that AEI has another SUCCESSFUL year with 46 out of 54 students accepted to HighTech, BioTech, Allied, MAST through AEI MCVSD School year course and/or Summer course. Almost all students who applied to the FRHSD magnet program received offers from Science & Engineering/Med science/Computer Science/Law/Business...


Get the results you deserve with this quality service, and at an affordable price too! Our qualified team of professionals bring their experience and know-how with them on every job. But what really sets our services apart from the rest of the industry is our attention to detail and receptiveness to the unique needs of each client.

Fall/School Year Lecture Training Sunday Sessions

with Weekly Practice Test

Total 90+ hours with practice tests and lecture training.

(We start to send out tests homework from Sep 5 and Lecture training lessons start from Sep 24)

School year Fall Full Package MCVSD (High Tech/Biotech/Allied...) and FHRSD Test Prep Courses  

With Weekly Practice Test Homework and Weekend MCVSD Tests, plus Freehold Magnet Test


15 sessions, 18 weeks

(45 Hours Lecture Training & Test Review, 50+ Hours Test), 35 MCVSD and Freehold Magnet practice tests)


Option 1 In-person or Online Sunday Class, 18 weeks with 15 lecture training sessions

MCVSD Proctored Test

English/Math Test Review & Lecture Training Lessons

3-hour per session (2-hour English, 1-hour Math)


Option 2, Zoom Online Only

Weekday Evenings, Saturdays, 

English/Math Test Review & Lecture Training Lessons

2.5-hour per session (1.5-hour English, 1-hour Math)


Option 3: 

Single English Class for MCVSD (High Tech/Biotech) and FHRSD Test Prep Course

15 sessions, 17 weeks

(30 Hours English Lecture Training & Test Review, 50+ Hours Test)

35 MCVSD English and Freehold Magnet practice tests)

2-hour English per session

Class #1

10:00~11:00am FRHSD Test

11:00am~1:00pm MCVSD Test

1:00pm~2:00pm Lunch Break

2:00pm~4:00pm Lecture Training ELA

4:00pm~4:15pm Short Break

4:15pm~5:15pm Lecture Training Math

Class #2

10:00am~12:00pm Lecture Training ELA

12:00pm~1:00pm Lecture Training Math

1:00pm~2:00pm Lunch Break

2:00pm~4:00pm MCVSD Test

4:00pm~5:00pm FRHSD Test

Option 4: 

Total +35 Online Practice Test Package 

Summer 8th MCVSD/High School Entrance Test /SSAT Test Prep 

Option 1, 7/8~8/29 In person and/or online

Mon. Tue. Wed. Thurs.

Morning Session: 3-hr Lecture training. 

9:30am~11:00am ELA Lecture training session

11:00am~12:30pm Math Lecture training session

12:30pm~1:30pm Lunch Break (Half-day Students Dismissed)

Afternoon Session: 2-hr Full test

1:30pm~3:30pm  ELA & Math Test


Option 2, 7/13~9/1, Saturday or Sunday Online,

2.5hr lecture training per session (ELA 1.5hr, Math 1hr) 

Saturdays or Sundays

Option 3, 7/8~9/1, Evening Online

1.0hr, Mon.& Wed. or Tue & Thurs.

Math Lecture training

1.5hr, Mon. & Wed. or Tue.& Thurs.

ELA Lecture training

Option 4, 7/8~8/29, ELA Only In-person or Online

Option 5, Test Package Only


Letter from our previous students

Female Teacher and Student

Letter from Previous MCVSD Students

MCVSD Test Prep Students

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